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Kitchen Remodeling For L.A. and Reseda

Functionality, cleaning and sanitation amenities, and visual appearance are keys in designing a great kitchen, and these are the focus of kitchen remodeling here at Executive Design & Construction. There are many ways to improve your kitchen, such as adding storage space, creating a themed and uniform look, building sturdy countertops, and even installing new lighting. Whatever your needs, we are dedicated to making your kitchen remodeling project a hassle-free experience.


Here’s a glance at some of the kitchen remodeling services we can help you with:

  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Paint & Color
  • Kitchen Cabinets & Storage
  • Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Remodeling

Get The Best L.A. Kitchen Renovations and More From Executive Design and Construction

At Executive Design and Construction, we provide the best large-scale home renovations, such as home additions and additional dwelling units, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our experienced team knows how to renovate a home so that it matches the client’s needs and maximizes on available space and potential property value. With our kitchen renovations, you’ll be immersed in newfound ease and comfort or provide a space that’s tantalizing to buyers.

What Our Kitchen Renovations Can Do For You

The kitchen is a room where you need space and convenience, and with the ability to completely transform your kitchen from top to bottom, comes the ability to provide just that with our kitchen renovations. Here are some ways we’ll improve your experience:

  • Easier Cleaning - From larger sinks, to kitchen islands, counter backsplashes, and better appliances, we can make your kitchen easier to clean.

  • Cooking Upgrades - Larger ovens and stoves, oven ranges, additional sinks and extra counter space are just a few of the upgrades we can provide for homeowners to make their cooking faster and more efficient

  • Better Storage - Not only can we provide extra storage space with new kitchen cabinets or a pantry, but we can also optimize your kitchen design to make your storage as efficient as possible, providing drawers, pull-out racks, and baking pan cabinets where you need them.

  • A Boost in Home Value - Kitchens are one of the most important aspects for home buyers; having one that is out of date or in disrepair could seriously impact your resale value

That’s really just the start. Kitchen renovations both increase your comfort and are a sound investment in your home. With Executive Design and Construction, you’ll get a kitchen that’s beautiful and ready to provide for all your cooking and cleaning needs.

For Your Kitchen Remodel or Renovation in L.A., Choose Executive Design and Construction

It’s time to build the ultimate kitchen you’ve been wishing for:

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