Accessory Dwelling Units


What Does ADU Mean?

Turn your home into the estate you deserve with small external dwellings that stand alone from the main building. These are fully functional mini-homes complete with bathroom and kitchen. They can serve as guest houses, homes for extended family, vacation rentals, or places for live-in help. Want to learn more about ADU plans ?

The size of your home should match the size of your life. NEO Builders creates add-on rooms for your existing home. We match your current build, style, and paint color.


You can:

  • Add on an entertainment room, a dining room, or an extended room for visiting family and friends
  • Convert the unused garage into a massive living space, game room, or even art gallery to maximize the living potential of your house
  • Add on a play-room or a sanctuary for relaxation
  • Ask us about modular ADU
Over the Garage.png

Over the Garage

Garage Conversion.png

Garage Conversion

Stand- Alone Unit.png

Stand-Alone Unit

Basement or Attice.png

Basement or Attic Conversion


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