Company History

Formed in 2000, the rise of Executive Design and Construction has been a steady development of finding ourselves, and the best practices for making beautiful renovations. Our work as contractors has gone from small, one-room renovations, in the early 2000’s to the home additions and new constructions we work on today. Our name has also changed as we’ve matured as a company, once Tatoosi Construction, our business has reached a new level and we wanted our name to reflect the high-quality work we do.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence, customer satisfaction, and quality of work. Our dedication to you is the utmost importance and we never compromise on achieving our goals with each and every remodel in Los Angeles County and Reseda. We promise to deliver a professional level of service at all times. We approach each project with a personal mindset, working with clients, architects, and subcontractors toward the common goal: successful project delivery and a renovation that works for the homeowner’s purpose and property values.

What To Expect With Renovations

At Executive Design and Construction, we provide some of the finest home renovation services in L.A. and Raseda. Before our renovation or design work begins and throughout the process, we’ll be consulting you on just what it is you want and your goals for the space we’re renovating.

One of our main services is ADU conversions, from basements to garages and sections of larger housing, we can also handle a wide range of other services, such as large scale interior renovation projects, kitchens and bathroom renovations, and even home design additions, such as lighting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, painting, new windows, doors, flooring, moulding, and more.

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